Tech Tales

Tech Tales

Dictionary definition: "Tech tale: An inspiring, educational and eye opening talk relating to a technical subject told in a simple, ordinary and understandable language."


Who can tell the best tech tale that is catchy, relevant for the public and innovative?

At Tech Tales at home we have invited the most tech savvy people to join us online and explain their area of expertise without using buzzwords and abbreviations, so EVERYBODY understands the purpose and potential.

We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to take part in the debate about new technologies and how it is utilised. This requires a shared language that does not include implied tech terms or even worse abbreviations of these implied tech terms.

Thus, we want to celebrate the people that master a simple, inclusive language that outlines a complex subject. Join us to be inspired by the story tellers.


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The Story Tellers

- Gro Sørensen, Microsoft -
Gro will talk about tech in times of crisis. How can we utilize tech to give value to society and peoople?

- Allan Rocha, ProActive A/S -
Allan will talk about the COVID-19-chatbot developed by ProActive and Microsoft to give citizens quick access to COVID-19 informations during the current health crisis

- Signe Ungermand and Maria Engermann, the XR-company MANND -
Signe and Maria will show how story telling can be more impactful and relevant through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

- Kasper Verdich Lund, CEO of Toitware -
Have you ever heard about Chrome? Well, Kasper was one of those Googlers who build it and, together with a few people from the Google-team, he has now decided to do the same thing for Internet of Things (IoT) devices as they did for browsers with Chrome. Kasper will introduce us to their new IoT-platform and the related coding language Toit.

- Geeta Schmidt, CEO of Humio -
Geeta will introduce us to the magic world of logging, which for many of us is hard to relate to. What is logging? And why is it important? Logging keeps software secure and running, so as a citizen we only notice when logging is NOT working.

- Mads Voigt Hingelberg, CEO of BigData of Innovation Lab -
Everybody is talking about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but who knows what it really is? Mads will give us an introduction to these fluffy buzzwords in a personal and compelling way, that makes the concept more tangible and relatable.

Jakob Høy Berthelsen, founder, Enversion A/S

Enversion A/S is on a mission to create a better health care system through big data and artificial intelligence (AI).



What will happen at the event?

In total, five presenters will each spend 15 minutes sharing their tech tale, with the emphasis on using these values to create better tales about tech:

  • communication skills
  • creativity
  • sensemaking – does it make sense in the real world or is it just hot air?

Join us online to be inspired!

Who can attend?

The event is for EVERYONE, no matter skill set, age and background – we aim to make it interesting both for the tech experts and the tech novices.

The event will be live streamed due to the current situation, so you can attend from your couch, bed or even your bathtub. The link will be available a few days before the event in the Facebook event:

We hope educational institutions, all kinds of companies and private people will help us by having streaming parties and make sure that we have a big curious audience.

Please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to support big as well as small streaming parties. We would be honoured if you add us as co-hosts on Facebook, so we can keep track of all the great streaming parties.


Join us for a great online event with talks from the best story tellers from the tech world.

 Arrangører: CoCoders in collaboration with Microsoft, VIA University, ProActive.


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