Contact information 

Programme Coordinator
Malte Dupont Priess Loft
T: 51 57 57 45

Mette Bjærge
T: 41 86 45 35

Booker (Rhythmical music, shows, and comedy)
Hans Helleshøj Buch
T: 29 20 82 94

Booker (Classical, dramatic arts, and children's shows)
Bodil Siersbæk
T: 29 20 44 10

Exhibitions, free events in the foyer, café and outdoors 
Mimi Lund
T: 29 20 44 03

Contact information for The Concert Hall of Aarhus' other departments is available under Our Organization

Information regarding rental

The Concert Hall of Aarhus' Accessibility Policy

All organizers are to follow The Concert Hall of Aarhus' policy regarding accessibility and companions:

Wheelchair users: In case a wheelchair user needs a companion in order to get to the wheelchair accessible seating, the companion's ticket is free of charge. 

For guests with other types of physical disabilities, The Concert Hall of Aarhus has six seats assigned for companions in The Large Hall and The Symphonic Hall, 2 in The Small Hall and The Rhythmic Hall, and 4 during events in the foyer that require a ticket. These seats are regular chairs placed next to the guest they are accompanying. The companion's seat is free of charge. However, if all of these specially assigned seats have been sold out, guests will be charged for both seats. 
In order to be suitable for the above-mentioned arrangement, the guest is to show a companion card from the DPOD (Disabled Peoples' Organizations Denmark)

Our Magazines

The Concert Hall of Aarhus publishes two programmes every year. Circulation, distribution, the number of pages, format, deadlines, and advertisers vary. 

Our programme is delivered to all households in the distribution area and is also available in our foyer as well as at local tourist offices, libraries, hotels and the like. 

Please contact our PR & Marketing Department if you would like to advertise in our programmes.