Programme Department
Programme director
Mette Kier
E: kier(at)

Programme coordinator
Hans Helleshøj Buch
E: hbuch(at)

Programme coordinator
Bodil Siersbæk
E: bsier(at)

Production Advance
Jesper Philbert
E: jeph(at)

Mimi Lund
(exhibitions, free events in the Foyer
and the café as well as outdoor events)
E: mcl(at)

Head of commercial affairs
Anders Hede
E: ahede(at)

Business Event Manager 
Tommy Jacobsen
E: toja(at)

PR & marketing
Press Office
Thomas Krogh Råhlin
M: 0045 22 30 96 22
E: thr(at)

Steen Larsen-Ledet
M: 0045 22 42 60 05
E: last(at)

Administration manager
Bodil Grønlund Sørensen
E: bgs(at)

Guard manager
Leif Pørtner
E: lep(at)

Technical Department
Technical manager
Jonas Knive
T: 0045 29 20 44 07

Building Department
Building manager
Jesper Kjær
E: jek(at)

Box office: 0045 89 40 40 40
Reception: 0045 89 40 90 00