Our halls

The Concert Hall’s 9 stages and 6 halls set the stage every year for more than 1500 events.

Store Sal (The Large Hall)

Store Sal is the heart of the Concert Hall and the center of attention for performances with national and international stars in all genres. The hall can hold more than 1.600 guests and set the stage for all sorts of performances from classical ballets and opera to rhythmical concerts, musicals and great international guest performances. The hall is constructed as an auditorium and it is suitable for e.g. shareholder meetings, lectures, meetings and extensive business events.
There are 1.588 seats incl. 96 chairs in the raised orchestra pit. The orchestra pit was extended in 1998 for the sake of the Danish National Opera’s production of Elektra, and it is the largest orchestra pit in Scandinavia. In addition, Store Sal has 16 accessible seats.

During the autumn in 2010, the Concert Hall received a donation by the merchant Herman Salling’s Foundation on 10 million DDK. for reconstruction of Store Sal. The reconstruction took place in the summer of 2011, and today the hall appears in new modern colours and new padded chairs. In addition, the ventilation has been replaced in Store Sal and Lille Sal.
The Nordea Foundation has contributed with 2.5 mio. DDK. funding a new sound system in Store Sal. The sounding system was initiated the 30th of April 2012 and audience can now experience a more well-defined and detailed sound image with a truthful interpretation of the music.

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Download Tech Specs for The Large Hall

Link to Lighting Plots for The Large Hall, PDF, DWG, WYT


Symfonisk Sal (The Symphonic Hall)

Symfonisk Sal is built especially for Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and for symphonic music. The colours in the hall are Nordic and consists of light ash wood, grey acoustic panels and black seats. The back walls are red to illustrate a contrast to the grey colour of the acoustic panels, because when the panels are adjusted the red walls become visible. The hall is very large with high ceilings – about 25 meters – and has two sections on both sides. This is in addition to the side balconies close to the floor. On stage, there is room for a full symphony orchestra, and on the highest podium backstage there is space for a large choir. 
The concert organ is built into the back wall of Store Sal. In December 2010, the organ by the brand Klais was initiated. A.P. Møller and his wife Chastine McKinney Møller’s Foundation donated the concert organ to the Concert Hall and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. The unique acoustics and the exclusive and intelligent instrument in Store Sal provides the hall more usability. The organ weighs 16.4 ton and has 3200 organ pipes and 47 voices.

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Rytmisk Sal (The Rhythmic Hall)

Rytmisk Sal is the Concert Hall’s ”Rock ’N’ Roll Hall”. Concerts, standup, dance and theatre set the stage for Rytmisk Hall. The stage can differ in size and location.
The hall has seats on a telescopic podium platform. There are 465 seats (incl. four assessable seats), when the podium is rolled out. The hall can manage 1000 standing guests if the podium is installed. For small and intimate concerts, chairs and tables are set out to create the perfect atmosphere.

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Download Tech Specs for The Rhytmic Hall

Link til Lighting Plots for The Rhytmic Hall, PDF, DWG, WYT

Lille Sal (The Small Hall)

Lille Sal is part of the original Concert Hall and is designed for chamber music. Lille Sal is used for different arrangements, as it is updated with new technology. Consequently, Lille Sal is often used for small theatre productions, rhythmic concerts, lectures, meetings and conferences. Sometimes, Lille Sal is also the Concert Hall’s cinema.
Lille Sal comprises 319 seats – incl. 20 seats in front of the stage (these can be removed), and there is also space for five wheelchairs.

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Kammermusiksalen (The Chamber Music Hall)

Kammermusiksalen is the largest of the Concert Hall’s four small halls. The hall is built for chamber music and appears light and open with its white walls, the light wooden floors and the immense glass section. The glass section opens the room up towards the art museum ARoS.
Kammermusiksalen can contain up to 100 guests and the hall can be used for business events, lectures, concerts and receptions.
The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg manages kammermusiksalen.

The Foyer

The Foyer is the open audience area in the Concert Hall. Here you will find art on the walls, space, excellent lighting and 40 load bearing concrete columns 11-17 meters high. The box office, restaurant and café johan r. are located in the Foyer. There is great space for audience to walk around and enjoy a drink during intermission and look at the art, decorations and the architecture of the Concert Hall.
The Concert Hall’s Foyer is 2000 m2 and is used for concerts, shows, business events and exhibitions. Sometimes concerts take place in the Foyer with room for 1000 standing and 700-seated guests.
The Concert Hall’s restaurant johan r. uses the Foyer for small and large dining events. The Foyer sets the stage for exhibitions and 300 concerts with free entrance on the Foyer’s café scene.

Download Tech Specs for The Foyer Stage 


Filuren is home for the producing child and youth theatre Filuren and Comedy Zoo Aarhus.
Filuren presents their own productions and guests performances from other Danish children’s theatre through the season. Filuren produces performances for schools and performances that are open for families as well.
Moreover, Filuren has its own theatre and drama school for children between 5-18 years of age, and every week they are tested in the difficult art of acting. Filuren also includes the DramatikVærket giving young people the opportunity to write performances played by children and the youth.
Comedy Zoo Aarhus is a playground for Danish stand-up comedians presenting funny creatures every Friday and Saturday in Filuren.
There are 150 seats in the hall.

The Café stage

You will find the Concert Hall’s café and café stage in the northern end of the Foyer. johan r. manages the Concert Hall’s café and restaurant. Almost every weekend, the café stage produces one or two free arrangements. The arrangements are very different from lectures and samples on upcoming concerts by the Music School, cd-presentations or small concerts with Danish musicians.

Download Tech Specs for The Café Stage

Falken (the Falcon) and Lokale 222 (room 222)

Falken and the hall with the simple name Lokale 222 are the two smallest halls in the Concert Hall. The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg (RAMA) mainly uses them for lessons, but on rare occasions, RAMA provides free concerts with public entrance to the halls. The halls have room for 35 audiences.

Falken and Lokale 222 continues between Rytmisk Sal and Kammermusiksalen.
The halls are manged by The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg.

Amfiscenen (The Amphi stage)

Amfiscenen is the Concert Hall’s outdoor stage located between the Concert Hall and the art museum ARoS. Amfiscenen is built as a classical Amphitheatre used for various events with seating for audiences, and a cobbled covered stage at the end of Amfiscenen.
It is possible to use the space for small family shows, musical events and other small events that bring life to the city. Amfiscenen is a great spot for concerts, because when the large stage is set it can gather around 6000 people. Both international and national artists have held concerts on Amfiscenen including Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, Rasmus Seebach, Beach Boys, James Morrison, Earth, Wind and Fire and Thomas Helmig.

Balkongalleriet ( the balcon gallery)

Balkongalleriet is located below the roof in the Foyer, and here you will find the entrance to the balconies in Store Sal.
Balkongalleriet is used from time to time for small exhibitions, new openings, concert preludes and arrangements for performances in connection with a premiere.