The children's and youth theater Filuren is a producing house. 

Throughout a season, Filuren puts on its own shows but also hosts guest performances from other Danish children and youth theaters. Filuren puts on a number of shows for schools every year, but there are naturally also shows open for families to watch and enjoy. 

All of the shows at Filuren can be found inside The Concert Hall of Aarhus' calendar

Filuren's Young Talents

At Filuren's theater school, children between 5 and 18 years of age can cut their teeth on acting. Aside from its theater school, Filuren also has dramatic writing program DramatikVærket gives young playwrights the ability to have their plays played by other children and young people. 

About the Hall

Filuren's hall is built like a standard black box theater with chairs on raised or flat floors. 

  • Room for an audience of 150 people
  • Extra display area or poster display
  • Suitable for presentations on screens due to little  inflow of light
  • Located in the middle of The Concert Hall between its two entrances