The Amphitheater Stage

The Amphitheater Stage

The Amphitheater Stage is The Concert Hall of Aarhus' outdoor stage located perfectly between The Concert Hall and the ARoS art museum. Built like a classic amphitheater with seating accommodation for the audience and a cobbled stage, The Amphitheater Stage is suitable for many purposes. 

The stage can also be used for small family theater shows, music events or other smaller events. However, when the large stage is assembled, The Amphitheater Stage can accommodate an audience of up to 6,000 people for concerts.

Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, Mumford & Sons, James Morrison, Earth, Wind and Fire, Rod Stewart, Band of Horses and Patti Smith are just a few of the artists that have played The Amphitheater Stage. 

 Location and Stage Setups

  • 5,000 to 6,000 people with a standing audience
  • Placement, height, and size of the stage are adjustable