The Foyer

The Foyer

The Foyer at The Concert Hall of Aarhus is an open area of 2,000 m2 with lots of space, lovely light, art on the walls and 40 bearing pillars of 11-17 meters. 
During intermission, our foyer is the perfect place for the audience to walk around, enjoy a drink and check out the building. 

Our two foyers are perfectly suited for large events. Large glass panels let in natural light and give a unique indoor-outdoor feeling among olive trees, large works of art, cozy lounge areas and our restaurant and bar. 

Our box office and café are located in the foyer. Our restaurant and cocktail bar, Maestro, is located on the balcony above the café. Both the café and the brasserie often use the foyer for large dining events. 

With its perfect light and lots of space, the foyer is often used for exhibitions. 


The Two Stages in the Foyer

The Café Stage

The permanent Café Stage is located right next to our café, johan r. Each year, more than 300 free concerts are held at the Café Stage. 

The Café Stage is perfect for intimate concerts or children's theater shows with guests seated at the tables. 

Read about the Cafe Stage and find technical information here

The Stage at the Southern End of the Foyer

The southern end of the foyer is also used for concerts, shows, dance parties, business events, and exhibitions. 

  • 700 seated guests (+ 4 wheelchair accessible seats) or 2200 standing guests
  • Stage width: 10.0 m
  • Stage depth: 7.0 m
  • Stage height: 0.8 m
  • Placement, height, and size of stage are adjustable. 

Download Technical Specifications for the Southern End of the Foyer 

More Information About the Foyer

  • Ideal for large gatherings or exhibitions for conferences 
  • Direct access to most of The Concert Hall's halls and rooms
  • Two stages for presentations and entertainment
  • Suitable conditions for registration and cloakroom
  • Information system and monitors from Bang & Olufsen
  • The option of dining for up to 1100 sitting or 2000 standing guests
  • Perfect for company parties with catering and entertainment
  • Newly renovated restrooms
  • Good conditions for people with disabilities