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The Large Hall

The Large Hall is the heart of The Concert Hall of Aarhus and home to shows with stars of every genre. With room for up to 1,600 guests, The Large Hall is perfect for all types of shows from classical ballets to opera and rhythmical concerts, musicals and large foreign guest performances. The hall is built like an auditorium and is also suitable for general assemblies, lectures, and other large business events.  

There are 1,588 seats, including 96 chairs in the liftable orchestra pit. The orchestra pit was expanded in 1998 for The Danish National Opera's production of Elektra and is the biggest in Northern Europe. The Large Hall also has 16 wheelchair accessible seats.  


2010-2014 Renovations

In the fall of 2010, The Concert Hall of Aarhus received a donation of 10 million kr. for the renovation of The Large Hall by Købmand Herman Sallings Fond. The renovation took place in the summer of 2011, and the hall is now decorated in modern colors and with padded seats. During the renovation, the ventilation systems for The Large Hall and The Small Hall were also changed. 

Nordea-fonden has donated 2.5 million kr. for a new sound system in The Large Hall. The sound system was put in use on April 30th, 2012, and the sound is now much more defined and detailed. The old sound system was from 1989. 

About The Large Hall

  • 1,572 seats (+16 wheelchair accessible seats), including 96 seats in the orchestra pit. 
  • Scene width: 25.0 m
  • Scene depth: 18.0 m
  • Proscenium: 10.0 m - 18.0 m wide, 8.1 meters tall

Seating Plan for The Large Hall 

Technical options

  • Rear projection onto a large screen is possible
  • Balconies are pushed forward so that everyone is close to the stage
  • One of the best PA sound systems in Denmark
  • Technical assistanceis available
  • Professional lighting design is available
  • Quick access with six entrances
  • Interpretation booths and voting system are available
  • Panel tables, rostrum, wireless microphones, and internet are available

Download Technical Specifications for The Large Hall

Download Lighting Plots for The Large Hall, PDF, DWG, WYT