The Park and Area Around The Concert Hall

The Park Outside The Concert Hall

The park outside The Concert Hall of Aarhus can accommodate large events, markets, and park experiences for many guests. Each year, the park is one of the areas used for the Aarhus Festuge Festival. 

The Park Stage

  • Room for 15,000 with a standing audience
  • Placement, height, and size of the stage are adjustable

Aarhus Congress Center

Aarhus Congress Center can be used for larger indoor concerts. 

  • Room for 4,000 with a standing audience
  • Stage width: 22.0 m
  • Stage depth: 12.0 m
  • Stage height: 1.8 m
  • Placement, height, and size of the stage is adjustable 

Outdoor Area

The outdoor areas around The Concert Hall of Aarhus can be booked for large events, cultural experiences, and conferences. 

If needed, marquees can be used for events that demand:

  • A setup in the middle of The Concert Hall's garden with cozy nooks, reflecting pools and summer flowers. 
  • Solid flooring, heat, and lights
  • Dryshod access to the Foyer in The Concert Hall. 
  • Weatherproof and noiseless during windy weather.