The Rhythmic Hall

The Rhythmic Hall

The Rhythmic Hall is perfect for concerts, stand-up comedy, dance, and theater. The placement and size of the stage are adjustable. 

The Rhythmic Hall's seats are placed on a telescopic platform that can be folded out. When completely extended, the platform has 465 seats (including 4 wheelchair accessible seats). If the platform is not in use, The Rhythmic Hall has room for a standing audience of 1,000 people. 

For smaller and more intimate concerts, The Rhythmic Hall can be filled with chairs and café tables for the perfect music venue atmosphere.

About The Rhythmic Hall

  • 461 seats (+4 wheelchair accessible seats) or room for a standing audience of 1,000
  • Stage width: 14.0 m (stage opening 10.0 m
  • Stage depth: 7.0 m
  • Stage height: 0.8 m

Technical options

  • Big stage with great sound and lighting
  • Presentations on a big screen
  • Permanent projector
  • Great acoustics

Seating Plan for The Rhythmic Hall

Download Tech Specs for The Rhythmic Hall

Light Plots for The Rhythmic Hall, PDF, DWG, WYT