The Small Hall

The Small Hall

The Small Hall is one of The Concert Hall of Aarhus' original stages, designed for chamber music.

Since then, the hall has been updated with new technology and it is now suitable for many different types of events. The Small Hall is used for business events as much as cultural events, as it is perfect for both. 

The Small Hall is often used for small theater productions, rhythmic concerts, lectures, meetings, and conferences. On top of that, The Small Hall is sometimes used as a cinema. 

With its big screen and a powerful projector, presentations given in The Small Hall have an impressive scale and impact.

There are 319 seats in The Small Hall, including 20 removable seats on the front row and room for 5 wheelchairs. 

About The Small Hall

  • 314 seats (+ 5 wheelchair accessible seats) including 20 seats on the front row
  • Stage width: 10.2 m
  • Stage depth: 7.0 m in the middle and 5.3 on the sides

Technical options

  • Professional technical assistance
  • Professional lighting design is available
  • Panel tables, rostrum with screen and wireless microphones and internet
  • Big screen and projector

Seating plan for The Small Hall

Download the Technical Specifications for The Small Hall

Download the Light Plots for The Small Hall