Our Organization

Our Organization

The Concert Hall of Aarhus' organisation consists of around 50 permanent employees and 70 part-time or temporary employees. 

Jan Christensen has been the managing director of The Concert Hall of Aarhus since January 1st, 2015. 

The Concert Hall of Aarhus is also the workplace of the employees of our residents:

In total, around 400 employees work at The Concert Hall of Aarhus every day. 

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Managing director

Jan Christensen
M: janchri@aarhus.dk


Administration Manager
Bodil Grønlund Sørensen
E: bgs@aarhus.dk

Guard Manager
Leif Pørtner
E: lep@aarhus.dk

Department of Programme

Programme Director
Jeppe Uggerhøj
E: jeu@aarhus.dk

Producer and Booker for free events in the foyer, café or outside
Mette Bjærge
T: 41 86 45 35
E: bjme@aarhus.dk

Booker (Rhythmical music, shows, and comedy)
Hans Helleshøj Buch
T: 29 20 82 94
E: hbuch@aarhus.dk

Booker (Classical, dramatic art, and children's Shows)
Bodil Siersbæk
T: 29 20 44 10
E: bsier@aarhus.dk

Programme coordinator
Malte Dupont Priess Loft
T: 51 57 57 45
E: ldm@aarhus.dk

Technical Department 

Head of Production
Jonas Knive
T: 29 20 44 07
E: jnk@aarhus.dk

Production Manager (Classical, dramatic art and children's Shows)
Milena Torquati
T: 41 86 45 61
M: milto@aarhus.dk

Production Manager (External culture and business)
Frederikke Juhl Nielsen
T: 41 86 45 62
M: frjn@aarhus.dk

Conferences and Events

Project Manager
Tommy Jacobsen
T: 41 85 65 06
E: toja@aarhus.dk

Project Coordinator
Helle Mellerup
T: 41 86 09 33
E: hheme@aarhus.dk

Event Coordinator Trainee
Andreas Reidel Henriksen
T: 41 87 27 43
E: hgran@aarhus.dk

Project Manager
Nadia Gulborg (on maternity leave until April 2020)
T: 41 87 24 17
E: ngc@aarhus.dk

Partners & Sponsors

Head of Commercial Affairs
Anders Hede
T: 29 20 82 99
E: ahede@aarhus.dk

PR & Marketing

Thomas Krogh Råhlin
M: 22 30 96 22
E: thr@aarhus.dk

Steen Larsen-Ledet
M: 22 42 60 05
E: last@aarhus.dk

Digital Marketing
Ida Christine Andersen
M: 41 87 21 55
E: idca@aarhus.dk

Department of Building

Building manager
Jesper Kjær
E: jek@aarhus.dk

Café & Restaurant

Steen Viddiekær Nielsen
E: steen@turbinehallen.dk

Restaurant manager
Henriette Toustrup


To contact our box office or reception, click here.