Residents of The Concert Hall

The Concert Hall of Aarhus is also home to The Danish National Opera, The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Academy of Music and the children's theater Filuren.

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra have their own beautiful concert hall at The Concert Hall of Aarhus – Symphonic Hall. Here, they give concerts and invite their guests in for great classical experiences. 

In addition to that, the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra often plays at our film concerts and ar other large events in collaboration with The Concert Hall of Aarhus. 

The Danish National Opera

The Danish National Opera (Den Jyske Opera) is Denmark's national touring opera company. 

The talented artists at the Danish National Opera produce both large and small opera productions that can be traditional or new and innovative. They often perform at The Large Hall and tour all over Denmark. 

The Royal Academy of Music

At The Royal Academy of Music, new musical talents are trained and educated in the art of music. 

Aside from being a school housed at The Concert Hall of Aarhus, The Royal Academy of Music also organizes free concerts with students as well as exam concerts and small festivals. 


Filuren is a theater for children and young people based in Aarhus. Filuren is housed in its own small auditorium in The Concert Hall of Aarhus, where they produce and put on shows for young fans of theater. 

Café johan r. and Maestro Brasserie & Cocktails

At our café johan r. and our brasserie and cocktail bar Maestro, you can enjoy a quick cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a fine dinner before or after attending a show at The Concert Hall of Aarhus. 

Our café johan r. also caters to business events or large events in The Concert Hall.