At The Concert Hall, all people with disabilities or physical challenges have access to great cultural experiences.

We do what we can to make sure everyone has a great experience at The Concert Hall. Naturally, this includes wheelchair users and people with visual or hearing impairments.

All guests of The Concert Hall who have a companion card can bring a helper free of charge. 

Feel free to contact our box office at 89 40 40 40 if you would like to make use of this offer or if you have any questions. 

Wheelchair users

Between the two revolving doors that lead to our Foyer, there are two electric sliding doors. These can be opened from the inside or outside using buttons placed between the doors. 

  • The Large Hall (Store Sal) has 16 wheelchair accessible seats.
  • The Small Hall (Lille Sal) has 5 wheelchair accessible seats. 
  • The Rhythmic Hall (Rytmisk Sal) has 4 wheelchair accessible seats. 
  • The Symphonic Hall (Symfonisk Sal) has 8 wheelchair accessible seats

In both The Rhythmic Hall and The Chamber Music Hall, wheelchairs can be used on the flat floor. Companion seating is placed as close to the wheelchair as possible. 

For an overview of the placement of wheelchair accessible seating, click here: The Large Hall, The Symphonic Hall, The Rhythmic Hall, and The Small Hall

To buy wheelchair accessible seating

Wheelchair accessible seating can only be purchased through our box office. If you are not able to come to the box office, feel free to call us at 89 40 40 40 or e-mail us at Unfortunately, wheelchair accessible seating can not be purchased online. 

Guide dogs

Guests with impaired vision can bring their guide dog into the concert halls and bring along a free companion. 

There is no special seating for the visually impaired. If you want to bring your guide dog, please contact our box office in order to find appropriate seating. Make sure to inform us that you are intending to bring your guide dog. 

Contact our box office to buy your ticket. 


Hearing loops

There are hearing loop systems in all of our halls. In The Large Hall and The Small Hall, there are areas where the hearing loops do not work as intended. 

See which seats are best for guests with hearing loops: The Large Hall, The Small Hall.

If you have questions about hearing loops or want to buy a ticket, feel free to contact our box office

Stage camera

The Concert Hall has a special screen for people who are visually impaired. 

The screen has two cameras for the guest to control. One camera is aimed at the stage and the other can zoom in on a program for the show. Both cameras can be seen on the screen at the same time. 

The stage camera is only available for order if there are free seats for the functionally impaired. Please contact our box office


There are restroom facilities for disabled persons throughout the building:

  • There is a restroom in our Foyer to the right of the box office. 
  • There are two restrooms in the basement underneath the Foyer. Use the elevator located in the café to access these restrooms. 
  • There is a restroom to the left of The Chamber Music Hall
  • There is a restroom in the basement below The Rhythmic Hal. Use the elevator by The Rhythmic Hall to access this bathroom. 

Assistive devices

All of the assistive devices you need for your visit to The Concert Hall have to be booked in advance with your ticket. Feel free to contact our box office to purchase your ticket and book the assistive devices you may need. 


There are six parking spaces for people with physical disabilities. 

  • These parking spaces are free of charge if you have an authorized handicap parking sign placed visibly by your windshield. 
  • The Concert Hall is easily accesible through our reception and via elevator to The Rhythmic Hall and The Symphonic Hall and then to the old building and the Foyer. 
  • There is also parking for people with physical challenges at the Aarhus Congress Center

Read more about parking and accesibility under parking.

There is also more accesibility parking at Sct. Nicolaus Gade next to Føtex, close to The Concerthall of Aarhus.