Advantages and discounts


The 2plus discount is quite simple. '2' because you have to purchase a ticket to at least two different performances to get the discount. 'Plus' because you are very welcome to purchase tickets to as many performances you wish and receive even more discount. The 2plus discount is 50 kr. per ticket. 

You can buy 2plus tickets here 

Our 2plus discount cannot be combined with other discounts. Once you have made your purchase, it is not possible to add more tickets. However, if you find interest in 2 or more other shows that are a part of 2 plus, you can buy tickets for these with the 2plus discount. 

Discounts for students, children, and people under 25

The Concert Hall offers a discount of 80 kr. per ticket for students or children and young people under the age of 25 for selected shows.

You will be required to present a valid student ID card or valid identification when buying your ticket. 

Please note that the student discount and discount for children and you people under 25 years of age cannot be combined with other discounts. 


For questions or inquiries regarding advantages and discounts, feel free to contact our box office