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Box office
Tlf. 0045 89 40 40 40

The box office is located at the Foyer. At certain occasions the Concert Hall’s Foyer for public access closes e.g. during the SPOT-festival or business events. If the Foyer is closed, the box office relocates to either the Foyer’s southern entrance (towards Scandinavian Congress Center) or the Concert Hall’s entrance at Skovgaardsgade.
If you want to purchase a ticket on the Concert Hall’s website, please note that you can buy them as self-print tickets. If you reserve tickets by telephone then you can choose to collect them at the box office during the opening hours, or have the tickets sent to you. If you wish to get the tickets sent to you by mail, it will cost 25 kr. in postage.

Tickets and fees
The Concert Hall Aarhus sells tickets for others and their own performances via, and the Concert Hall’s fee policy is identical with

• There is an expedition fee on 20 kr. on all tickets
• A reprint of lost/forgotten tickets have a fee on 50 kr. per ticket
• A gift voucher – 10 kr. per card

The Concert Hall informs about our prices on tickets incl. fees in our adverts and magazines. You can also find our prices and fees on both the Concert Hall and Billetlugen’s websites. Due to technical reasons, the price of the ticket and fee are divided, when you have to choose a price category during the purchase of your ticket.

The Concert Hall Aarhus does not take responsibility or is obliged to refund purchased tickets in case of cancellation, as long as the cancelled performance is organised by persons or companies without connection to the Concert Hall Aarhus. The organiser of the performance is on the ticket and on the Concert Hall’s website. If you have any questions regarding the circumstances of a performance and its organiser, please contact the box office at the Concert Hall.

Personal data
Billetlugen’s guidelines apply for handling personal data concerning online purchase of tickets. You can read the guidelines on