Drinks for intermission

Drinks for intermission

We have made it easy for you - order your drinks in advance.

Drinks for the intermission - "NEM Pause"

With NEM Pause, you can enjoy beer, soft drinks, wine, ice water, coffee, tea and delicious snacks ad libitum. 

NEM Pause is a way for you to pre-order your drinks for the intermission. This way, you can avoid queues in the intermission. Instead, your drinks and snacks will be waiting for you when you come out from the Large Hall during intermission. 

NEM Pause is available for all shows in The Large Hall with intermission. You can check the description of a given show to see whether or not there will be an intermission. 

Please note that you are not allowed to take drinks out of the NEM Pause area in the southern end of the Foyer. 

Order NEM Pause

NEM Pause can be ordered ahead of time or on the day of the show. You can order NEM Pause in the following ways:

  • As you are buying your ticket on our website
  • On the day of the show in our bar
  • At our box office 


NEM Pause costs 65,- per person

In case of canceled intermission

In rare cases, the intermission of a show can be canceled at the last minute. In this case, our NEM Pause offer will be available for 20 minutes just after the show. 

Would you like just one drink?

If you just want one beer or soft drink, or a single glass of wine during intermission, you can also order this at the bar during intermission.