You can always leave your coat or personal belongings at our cloakroom

We encourage all of our guests to leave their coat at our cloakroom. 

By doing so, there will be more room for yourself and other guests in the concert hall. Furthermore, coats and jackets stuffed under the seats can block our ventilation system. 

Our cloakrooms

Our two cloakrooms can be found here:

  1. In the Foyer by the café
  2. In the corridor between the old and new building, across from Filuren

Our cloakrooms are staffed two hours before the show starts and cost 20 kr. to use. We accept cash and MobilePay.  

Free cloakroom

Feel free to use the free cloakroom next to the restrooms in the basement beneath the Foyer. This cloakroom is not staffed and use of it is therefore at your own risk.