Basement parking

The Concert Hall’s basement parking

There are 88 parking spaces in the Concert Hall’s basement parking at Aros Allé.
The basement parking is open 24/7 with lighting and is easy to use.

How to pay
You can pay in three different ways:

1) Pay via the pay machine. You can choose to pay for the time you have parked (debit card) or pay for the reserved time (cash).
Collect your ticket at the pay machine. Here you can choose the amount of time you wish to park (pay with cash)) or pay exactly for the time you have used (check-in and checkout with your card). You will find further information on the signs at the pay machine. Remember to place the ticket in the car’s front windscreen. 

2) 24 hours parking card. The Concert Hall offers a parking card, which you can use for 24 hours. The parking card costs 45 DDK. and can be purchased in the Concert Hall’s box office, or at the reception (the reception has only a limited amount of parking cards and you can only pay by using MobilePay). Remember to fill out the date and time on the parking card with a pen. Only fill out the parking card when you have found a parking space.

3) ParkMan
ParkMan is an app where you can pay without using the pay machine. You can download the app at You will have to choose area 2660 when parking at the Concert Hall.

GPS coordinates
Aros Allé: 56.154198, 10.198339