Parking at Aarhus Congress Center

Scandinavian Congress Center offers almost 1000 parking spots and is placed next to the Concert Hall.

Scandinavian Congress Center has open parking spaces that are located in front of, behind and in the basement parking under the center. The parking facility is open day and night with parking security all 24 hours. You collect a ticket at the driveway to the parking spaces.

Two ways to buy a ticket.

1) Pay via the pay machine. It is possible to pay with cash and debit card. You will collect a ticket at the bar. This ticket is used to pay for your parking time at the pay machine on your way out. It costs 17,65 DDK. per hour to park at Scandinavian Congress Center.

2) Exit tickets for guests from the Concert Hall
The Concert Hall and the Scandinavian Congress Center have formed a collaboration about parking. Guests with tickets to the Concert Hall can for 50 DDK. exchange their parking tickets to a prepaid exit ticket so they can park all day and evening. If you are staying at the Concert Hall for more than three hours, then this is the cheapest parking solution for you. You can buy your prepaid exit ticket at the box office in the Concert Hall or at the cloakroom. Sometimes it is possible to buy the exit ticket on the way out after a performance.

GPS coordinates
Indkørsel ved Valdemarsgade (driveway at Valdemarsgade):
56.152213, 10.199084
Indkørsel ved Skovgaardsgade (driveway at Skovgaardsgade):
56.153609, 10.196241