Parking at The Concert Hall

You can park in the underground garage of The Concert Hall of Aarhus or next door at our collaborator Aarhus Congress Center.

If there are no parking spaces left in our own underground garage, you can park in the underground garage of our collaborator, Aarhus Congress Center. 

Parking in The Concert Hall's basement

There are 88 parking spaces in the Concert Hall’s basement parking at Aros Allé.
The basement parking is open 24/7 and is always lit up and ieasy to use.

How to pay

You can pay in three ways:

1) At the parking pay station

  • At the parking pay station, you can:
    • Pay for the amount of time you intend to be parked with cash, or
    • Pay for the time you park by checking in and out using your payment card. 
  • You draw your parking ticket at the parking pay station
  • Remember to display your valid parking ticket so that it is visible on your dashboard.
  • Parking in our own basement is 18 kroner for each started hour. 

2) Parking card (valid for 10 hours)

You can buy a parking card at The Concert Hall for 50 kroner. The card is valid for 10 hours. 

  • You can buy the card at our box office or reception. The reception only has a limited amount of parking cards and only accept MobilePay. 
  • Fill out the date and time on the parking card with a pen. 
  • Display the (filled-in) parking card in your windshield. 
  • Wait until you have found a parking space to fill in your parking card. 

Charging stations for electric cars

The Concert Hall has a Clever charging station with two "type 2" plugs, meaning that two cars can charge at the same time. 

  • Parking with electric cars is only allowed with a valid parking 

GPS coordinates for parking garage

You can enter our parking garage via Aros Allé: 56.154198, 10.198339

If there are no more spaces in our own parking garage, you can park right next door at Aarhus Congress Center.